Renting a vehicle and hitting the road in the Dominican Republic, especially after an already exhausting airplane journey, can sometimes be too much!

Take the Taxi to Cabarete !

Obviously, driving rules and habits, or “bad habits,” prevail in the Dominican Republic. It can be very intense to drive on the island, so we advise you to choose the taxi option, which will save you time and allow you to rest after a often long and arduous airplane trip.

Don’t take risks. Choose caution!

From the various airports in the Dominican Republic, we offer advantageous rates for our customers.

Indeed, the rates offered at the various airports are far from competitive and are generally among the most expensive available on the island.

Thanks to our partnership over the years with quality taxi companies that have modern and reliable vehicles, experienced and punctual drivers, you can travel in tranquility!

Also, know that if you are a group, you can all travel together in the same vehicle. These vehicles are larger with a greater number of seats than standard vehicles.

Taxis are equipped with Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

Feel free to contact us to get the rates. One thing is for sure: you will save money!

The most frequently served airports are:

Punta Cana

Santo Domingo


Puerto Plata

Ask us for a rate, and we’ll take care of everything!


If you want to celebrate a special occasion here is an example of what you can choose.