Kitesurfing Rental

Enjoy our kiteboarding Rental equipmen

Don’t want to bring your equipments

Kitesurfing Rental

Enjoy our kiteboarding Rental equipment

Don’t want to bring your equipments

Kitesurfing Rental

Enjoy our kiteboarding  Rental equipmen Don’t want to bring your  equipments

Kitesurfing Rental

Want to come to Cabarete for a week or two but don’t want to bring all your gear, because you can’t be bothered with the extra hassle? Then consider renting kite gear for your stay!

We work together with CRAZYFLY , when it comes to kites, bars and boards, and PROLIMIT for harnesses. All our gear is new of this year and is often sold and renewed to make sure all kite gear material is in an impeccable state. Check out our rental conditions below.

Rental Conditions

To be able to rent kite gear from us you will need to be able to show your IKO certificate stating your kite level. You need to be able to fly the kite safely, be able to recuperate your board on your own in the water, and preferable be able to go upwind.

We reserve the right to refuse renting out kite gear if your level is not appropriate or if the weather conditions do not allow for kiteboarding.

A deposit is required, in case of loss, breakage or theft of (parts of) the gear. You are responsible for the rented kite gear entrusted. If you bring it back ripped or broken, the amount for the necessary repairs will be deducted from your deposit. If (parts of) the kite gear is (are) stolen, you need to replace the missing items.

Rent Surf Board

You can also rent surfboard , morning it’s the best time of the day for surfing, surf conditions are good until the wind get stronger.

After your surf session you can chill out for later enjoying the wind which is good the afternoon.

So for those one who had rather surf than kitboarding our kiteboarding cabarete center offer surfing gear.

Please feel free to check our surfing page for getting the best offers on surfing equipments.