Cabarete Kite School & Airport

map dominican republic airport location and kiteschool cabarete

Cabarete is Located on the north coast of Dominican Republic, we provided you with a map to locate the position of Cabarete in relation to the various airports in the Dominican Republic.

Often referred to as the watersports capital of the Caribbean, is a great kite spot. An average of 300 days of wind per year due to the constant trade winds  made stronger with the THERMAL EFFECT  in summer, warm water, and a wide bay protected by the reef are only some of the reasons why Cabarete is a great kite spot for kiteboarding wing foil, surfing, boat sailing, you can practice many watersports.

Getting  Around In And Around

To get from one side of to the other, moto-taxis, called moto concho in Dominican, are ideal. If you walk along the street, they will call out to asking if you want a moto taxi. Going one way from one side of Cabarete to the other costs 100 pesos. If a moto-taxi takes two passengers, the fare will be double. At night time, double tariff is always calculated.

If want to explore the surroundings beyond Cabarete, you can always take a taxi or rent a car. If you prefer to save money, take the local shared bus called the “gua gua”, which will stop if you wait by the side of the street and raise your hand, and will drop you off anywhere along their route if you tell them to stop.  Beware that this mode of transport is very cheap but very time intensive.


ocean view restaurant table and chairs face cabarete bay

You will find restaurants facing the ocean where you can eat feet in the sand and relax after a good day of kiteboarding or surfing while watching the kiteboarders jumping front to you.

Mexican restaurant with those bowls and burritos, Japanese restaurants with sushi and sashimi , the Mojito Bar with burgers and exotic salads, Classic Chinese restaurant, Pizzeria Chabola and the Open Mics that attract many people for listening live music or playing you are welcome!

It’s Convenient !

momeu excahnge cabarete

One of the big advantages is that everything is close, SUPERMARKET  JANET, pharmacy, office to change cash, car rental or motorcycle rental, bike rental, hospitals, gift shops to buy your holiday souvenirs, everything is close!